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Tefillin Ohr Echad (Gasot)

Tefillin Ohr Echad (Gasot)
Higher quality tefillin are molded from a one piece of Ox skin -

They have hand written Parchments (Parshiot) put together by a Soffer. Tefillin vary by size and the type of leather used to mold the boxes and quality of workmanship. The boxes (Batim) are molded from different types of skin. All Tefillin sets are enclosed in sturdy hinged acrylic boxes (shown in picture), have heavy gauge straps and are hand-crafted in Israel.

No print of scrolls

The Tefillin are checked by hand and by a computer checking program and come with a certificate

Righty- If you are a right-handed,

you wear the tefillin on the left arm.

Lefty - If you are a left-handed,

you wear the tefillin on the right arm.

* Free !!! Tefiilin bag with every purchase
* You can choose between Ari style or Rashi style. please write it in the note in the order page
Please note that this website is exporting and not manufacturing the listed item. Our products come from reliable and orthodox suppliers in Israel.

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1.25" 579.59$

Additional Products:

Nickel Plated Tefillin Cases - 35.99$
Matching Velvet Talit bag - 5.99$

Tefillin Ohr Echad (Gasot) Designs:



Harold S.

I recently ordered a set of Tefillin, Talis Bag and a sidur from your site. The whole package was less than $140. with shipping.I probably saved several hundred dollars by using your site and I was able to contribute to the Israeli economy. I would encourage that you use your site for all your Judaic needs as you will be able to save money and contribute to the Israeli economy...

Chana K. NJ USA.

We got the Talis, and it is absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much for sending it so promptly, and for being so understanding and helpful with the exchange. We plan to recommend you to all of our friends, and to use you again when we next have a talis need.


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