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Clear Skies Movie

Clear Skies Movie
Despite its humble beginnings as a simple "Sherut Avir" (Air

Service) in 1947, in the short half-century since its

inception the Israeli Air Force (IAF) has soared to

international distinction as one of the most imposing aerial

legions in military history. often said to have been "born in

battle", the IAF has grown strong not by field practice, but

through the exercise of countless defensive attacks,

"redemption" airlifts, and covert pre-emptive missions.

"Clear Skies" tells the story of the Israeli Air Force through

its collection of the most "inside" military and media footage

available to the public. Witness the IAFs development from

the War of Independence (1948) and the surprise attack of

the Sinai Campaign (1956) to the incredibly strategic

pre-emptive strikes on entire Arab airfields of the Six Day

War (1967) and the humbling losses sustained in the Yom

Kippur War (1973).

Under cover of absolute darkness, marvel at the ingenious

commando rescue of 103 hostages at the Entebbe airport in

Uganda (1976), the 1981 sneak-bombing of the nuclear

reactor near Baghdad (shown through the cross-hairs of the

pilot who bombed it!), and the 1991 airlift of 14,000

persecuted Ethiopian Jews to Israel, events that have earned

the IAF its reputation as an elite fighting force that is not to

be trifled with.

Important Features:

* Detailed maps

* Visual illustration of attack points

* Extensive aircraft information (including the IAFs

new pilotless aircrafts!)

* "Inside" footage of pilots in training

* In-depth explanation of Israeli air defense strategy

Running Time: 1 hour
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Clear Skies


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