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3 shofars + 1 bag
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Adia Tallit

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Beautiful kosher shofars

Beautiful kosher shofars
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The purpose of the Shofar?

Natural (half polished) Shofar
A shofar is a wind instrument made from an animal horn and is sounded traditionally at Jewish religious services on the high holidays. The shofar is mentioned several times in the bible, Talmud and rabbinic literature. In Exodus (19,20), the ‘exceeding loud’ sound that came from the cloud on mount Sinai and made all ... More >>
The shofar is one of the most important icons of the Jewish religion. The rams horn shofasr and the Yemenite shofars is deeply connected with the Jewish religion and blowing of the shofar is considered extremely auspicious during the Jewish religious festivals. The shofar is especially blown during the Jewish festivals of Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashanah. Time has not altered the structure of the rams horn shofar and the rams horn shofar is still made and played as it was during the ancient times. The shofar sound size is relative to the shofar size. Bigger the size better is the shofar sound.  ... More >>

The purpose of the Tallit

New Line Wool Tallit
The Tallit, or prayer shawl, is a religious shawl-like garment worn for prayer. The purpose of the Tallit is to keep the commandment of wearing a tallit (the fringes, which are tied on the four corners of the Tallit) on a four-cornered garment.In general the fringes are supposed to remind us of all the commandments ... More >>

talit katan
Jews always have a way of distinguishing them from the different communities of the world by wearing different types of dresses. They have a unique way to portray themselves towards the whole world with a wide range of fashion and styles. Tallit and Tzitzit both are interrelated with one another and the difference between the two is also related to each other. In Jewish culture, during their prayer times they are often se ... More >>

polishd shofar
Today the world of internet has everything to be done quite easily without undertaking much hassle. Its way of communication has made everyone advance in selling items fast with reliability and accessing a wide range of customers. At past you might have to meet up with a shofar expert in buying a shofar that would have been perfect for you. But nowadays with online guides in buying the correct shofar h ... More >>

The purpose of the Tefillin

Tefillin Pshutot
The Tefillin are also called phylacteries. They are two black boxes made of leather and contain scrolls of parchments with biblical verses. Traditionally Jewish men wear them during the Morning Prayer services. One of them, the ‘Tefillin shel Yad’, is worn on the upper arm and the other one, the Tefillin shel Rosh’, on the forehead. They are meant to serve as a sign of rem ... More >>

Knitted Kipas
Jewish community has a wide range of traditional clothing and fashion accessory, among them the kippa is the most known symbolization of Jewish religion. The Jewish skull cap not only portrays a person to be religious but also enables him to be under the grace of almighty God and follow commandments. According to Torah More >>

There were days when only black and white stripes were used in making a traditional tallit, later on with the advancement of modern society and its unique fashion phenomenon has led the modern tallit to be much more than just an item of religion. It’s now worldwide renowned because of its various use and benefit, most of all because of being the grace of God. Jewish community is scattered amongst every culture and each part of the worl ... More >>

Kipot for Bar/Bat Mitzvah & Weddings

Kippa is a cap that is shaped hemispherical and it’s an item that is quite common in the Jewish community. In order to maintain the religion and God’s commandments, most of the orthodox men are seen to be wearing kippa on their head all the time. There are also some who consider wearing it only during the time of prayer and on the other hand women are not obligated to wear the kippa. Although there are quite some ... More >>


The shofar has traditionally been used in various Jewish religious ceremonies. Most traditional and religious shofars have been made out of ram’s horns. The ram’s horn shofar is considered sacred as it is made from the horns of a kosher animal. It also satisfies the requirement that the horn be made of cartilage as opposed to solid bone.

Types of shofar sounds

If you thought the shofar only produced one kind of sound, then think again! There are four types of calls or shofar sounds. Surprised? Do not be because these are var ... More >>


Shofar is the religious instrument used in all traditional Jewish ceremonies. Depending on what material is used in it as well as the kind of ornamentation on it, the shofar is suitable for religious or regular ceremonies.

Materials you can use

A shofar can be made using the horn of an animal such as gazelle, a ram or even an antelope. However, the main criteria to make a Yemenite shofar is that the horn should not be made of solid bone. Instead, it should have cartilage so that it can be hollowed o ... More >>

In Torah it is said that we should have fringes or knotted and twined corners while wearing a garments. This recitation has made the tallit to form which it is now, the traditional tallit has reached a higher popularity in the Jewish community than any other garments. It’s daily used in prayers, weddings and different types of occasions in the Jewish community, although different communities have their own variations while using a tallit but the core reason of using a traditional tallit is to praise God and enhance the way of life.

Israel is a renowned place for Jewish people and also has  ... More >>


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