How to put a Tallit and check Tallit size

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If you have always loved the Tallith and its religious importance then you would obviously want to know how to wear it. Here are four basic steps on how to put this religious prayer shawl on.

Opening the shawl

You cannot just open the Tallith in just about anyway you wish! There is a certain technique and style, which needs to be used when you open out this prayer shawl. You need to open out the shawl with both of your hands. The technique of doing this should be such that the atara or collar is easily seen. The atara must be facing upwards and should be placed facing you.

Recitation of blessing

Once you open the prayer shawl you need to recite the blessing. The blessing is as follows:

"Praise the Eternal One, O My soul. O God, you are very great. Arrayed in glory and majesty, you wrap yourself in light as with a garment, and stretch out the heavens like a curtain. We praise you, Eternal God, Sovereign of the universe: You hallow us with your mitzvot and teach us to wrap ourselves in the fringed tallit".

Kissing the atarah

Once you have recited the blessing completely, you need to kiss the atarah two times. The first time, you need to kiss the atarah at the place where the last word of the recited blessing has been embroidered and the second time you need to kiss the atarah where the first word of the recited blessing has been embroidered. Some people choose to kiss the atarah while others do not. However, if you wish to maintain the sanctity of wearing the Tallith then it is better you kiss the atarah two times.

Putting the prayer shawl on

Once you recite the blessing and kiss the atarah, you will need to put the Tallith on properly. You need to hold the prayer shawl around the shoulders and keep over the head. Make sure to follow this with a quiet moment when you just meditate and reflect upon the day’s events. This is the central purpose of the Tallith – to provide you with a quiet space of your own to meditate and think. It is a space where you thank God and realize His mightiness. Once you have meditated you need to adjust the prayer shawl on top of your shoulders so that they rest in a comfortable position.

Tallit Size

the Tallit come in various sizes and depending on your requirements, you can select an appropriate one. The sizes of 18x63 measure 5 feet in length and are typically used for Bar Mitzvah. Even the 18x72 versions or 5.5 feet versions can be used for the same. Tallit sizes can extend from 36 upto x 72. For people who are slimmer and taller the sizes of 6.6 feet is perfect.

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